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Level With Me is coming very soon, I promise.

Level With Me is a ridiculously delightful (or delightfully ridiculous) game that tasks you with balancing an adorable array of characters and objects on a beam in the middle of the sea. Coming to iOS in just a few weeks.


Level With Me - Coming Summer 2016

Level With Me - A Game of Balancing Stuff

This idea came to mind on Dec 6, 2016 as I drove to work in daydream mode. After a quick search of the App Store revealed nothing remotely close to my little vision, I decided to put VIP-for-mobile on the back burner and take "a month or two" to build it. Six months later, including a three-month burnout sabbatical, it is very near launch.
I'll post a trailer and screenshots and all that later.


Hue Ball for iOS

So this is Hue Ball. It's inspired by Wouter Visser's "Gimme Friction Baby," a Flash game from the olden days of 2007. I played with this idea back in 2010 I think, when I was learning game design through GameSalad. I called it Colornundrum at the time. But when I jumped over to Stencyl as my game design tool, I shelved it and tried my hand at Flash games.

Then last year after having a blast (sort of) making Lava Bird for iOS/Android, I revived "Colornundrum." It went through many iterations over the months:

This type of gameplay has infinite possibilities, but I tried to find the simplest form of gameplay. The best description I've heard so far about the game is "chill-yet-challenging."

I changed the name to Hue Ball because Colornundrum is a tough word, even for english speakers.

Hue Ball will launch May 28, 2015 on iOS, if all goes well. If the response is positive, I'll get it on Android ASAP.


Lava Bird for iOS

Lava Bird for iOS

So now this happened. Lava Bird is on iOS.

If you have arrived here because you love the game and would like to name me in your inheritance, please let me know in the comments. Or tweet me, I'm @Unept.


Lava Bird

This took me around 24 hours to make. Everything just came together, which was nice. I wasn't even planning on making a game for #flappyjam, but then I saw Terry Cavanagh's "Maverick Bird," plus I had been entertaining an idea anyway. So it happened.

The bird designs were inspired by Tiny Wings. The game was inspired by Flappy Bird, of course.



So this is finally finished. It's actually been done for a while; the sponsorship process took longer than expected, but that was most likely caused by my lack of technical expertise.

I will write up a more detailed post-mortem soon.


Doomba - My Ludum Dare #28 Game Jam Entry

The theme was "You Only Get One." The compo version is here.

Save the world from Roombas bent
on world domination/cleanliness.
Play it here.

My favorite quotes so far:
"I'll never look at my Roomba in the same way again!"
"Where in the world did you come up with this, lol?"
"The cat-driven Doomba was super cute."
"Nice music :)" (by the dreamy Terry Cavanagh, and only because I used Bosca Ceoil.)
"A very, very, fun game! I love the mechanic."

The gameplay mechanic had been rolling around in my head for a while, and I'd even prototyped a variation before. The idea of the "Doombas" came from a meme on reddit.com/r/funny a few months back. Good fit, I thought.

The graphics were quick and simple, and based closely on the originals.

The code was headachy, especially since I'm new to coding. Each task seemed to require research in the Stencyl forums and a whole lot of hacking.

The level design lacked by far, and mainly because I lost precious time trying to get the end boss right. I ended up with a dozen levels that felt like "examples." Disappointed there.

It's still buggy, I may get around to cleaning up the code and improving the level design. Maybe.


V.I.P. - My Ludum Dare #27 Game Jam Entry

The Game Jam theme was "10 seconds." I made it in around 48 hours.  Play it here.

Protect the VIP at all costs.
Collateral damage pretty much guaranteed.
Play it here

What people are saying:

"The fact that you can complete the level even when you are killed is great."

"Neat game! Clowns are always evil!"

"One of my favorites of this jam so far."

"It was fun to jump in front of a bullet (or axe). Loved it!"

"I sometimes managed to run into my own guys bullet."

"Favourite moment was a sudden cry of 'clown!' and everyone scrambling and then I took a pie in the face."

"One of the best gameplay I played!"

In the game, you protect the VIP from an assassin hiding in the crowd of onlookers, and you have 10 seconds to prepare. Can you protect the VIP? Will you take a bullet? Will there be collateral damage? Is that a LUMBERJACK ASSASSIN?


The Hamger Games

Hamger Games is my first published game. Play it here. 

Do you HAM what it takes to survive? 

It was my entry into the Stencyl Jam 2013 competition. The jam itself was 2 months long, but I didn't begin working on Hamger Games until two weeks before the deadline. What a blast. If the response to the game is positive enough, I'll definitely work to see where this game can go.

Still working on my nameless bot game, puzzle platformer, much more involved than Hamger Games.