Doomba - My Ludum Dare #28 Game Jam Entry

The theme was "You Only Get One." The compo version is here.

Save the world from Roombas bent
on world domination/cleanliness.
Play it here.

My favorite quotes so far:
"I'll never look at my Roomba in the same way again!"
"Where in the world did you come up with this, lol?"
"The cat-driven Doomba was super cute."
"Nice music :)" (by the dreamy Terry Cavanagh, and only because I used Bosca Ceoil.)
"A very, very, fun game! I love the mechanic."

The gameplay mechanic had been rolling around in my head for a while, and I'd even prototyped a variation before. The idea of the "Doombas" came from a meme on a few months back. Good fit, I thought.

The graphics were quick and simple, and based closely on the originals.

The code was headachy, especially since I'm new to coding. Each task seemed to require research in the Stencyl forums and a whole lot of hacking.

The level design lacked by far, and mainly because I lost precious time trying to get the end boss right. I ended up with a dozen levels that felt like "examples." Disappointed there.

It's still buggy, I may get around to cleaning up the code and improving the level design. Maybe.

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