V.I.P. - My Ludum Dare #27 Game Jam Entry

The Game Jam theme was "10 seconds." I made it in around 48 hours.  Play it here.

Protect the VIP at all costs.
Collateral damage pretty much guaranteed.
Play it here

What people are saying:

"The fact that you can complete the level even when you are killed is great."

"Neat game! Clowns are always evil!"

"One of my favorites of this jam so far."

"It was fun to jump in front of a bullet (or axe). Loved it!"

"I sometimes managed to run into my own guys bullet."

"Favourite moment was a sudden cry of 'clown!' and everyone scrambling and then I took a pie in the face."

"One of the best gameplay I played!"

In the game, you protect the VIP from an assassin hiding in the crowd of onlookers, and you have 10 seconds to prepare. Can you protect the VIP? Will you take a bullet? Will there be collateral damage? Is that a LUMBERJACK ASSASSIN?