Hue Ball for iOS

So this is Hue Ball. It's inspired by Wouter Visser's "Gimme Friction Baby," a Flash game from the olden days of 2007. I played with this idea back in 2010 I think, when I was learning game design through GameSalad. I called it Colornundrum at the time. But when I jumped over to Stencyl as my game design tool, I shelved it and tried my hand at Flash games.

Then last year after having a blast (sort of) making Lava Bird for iOS/Android, I revived "Colornundrum." It went through many iterations over the months:

This type of gameplay has infinite possibilities, but I tried to find the simplest form of gameplay. The best description I've heard so far about the game is "chill-yet-challenging."

I changed the name to Hue Ball because Colornundrum is a tough word, even for english speakers.

Hue Ball will launch May 28, 2015 on iOS, if all goes well. If the response is positive, I'll get it on Android ASAP.