Why Think Tanks Are Awesome

Why Think Tanks Are Awesome

1. You can name them anything you like, regardless of their purpose. See List.
2. NPR interviews you on a monthly basis.
3. Have you ever heard of a "Work Tank," or a "Do Stuff Tank?" Nope. With Think Tanks, you just sit in conference rooms and THINK.
4. Since Think Tanks can only exist near the nation's capital, you're alway near cool museums and historical places and stuff.

Best name: Institute on the Study of War (Who DOESN'T think of a giant map-table in a hazy, windowless office?)
Runner up: Cato Institute (thanks to the OJ debacle.)

Worst name: Show-Me Institute (Sounds like people who don't think)
Runner up: Foundation for Rational Economics and Education (see reason #1, why Think Tanks are Awesome)

Now, where can I find a Think Tank Application Form?

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