Broken Promises, Good Intentions, and a Reebok RL 900 Elliptical

The following is a copy of my Craigslist post, listing our Elliptical machine for sale a while back:

She PROMISED me that she would use it, that she would take full advantage of its incredibly smooth, impact-free, elliptical path. So we located a pallet-on-wheels (Costco) and proceeded to adopt the only piece of furniture that would boast adjustable resistance AND incline, at the push of a button.

We settled the RL 900 Elliptical Exercise Machine into our now-finished basement, with a front row view of my 58" Plasma TV. Now how could she resist the daily use of the Handgrip Pulse Sensor, multi-speed fans, and water bottle holder? Burning fat and boosting endorphin levels would be a perspiratory treat while watching all those Oprah's that keep knocking my sci-fi movies off of the DVR.

Time passed, and the RL 900 found use; as a pretend tree for the kids, an obstruction for large groups of movie watchers, and an exercise machine on rare occasions. I gave up pleading with my wife to exercise on the $500 (now $350!) machine. Men take note: pleading with your wife to exercise MAY come across as, oh I don't know, piggish, even when only thinking of the unused investment.

It turns out that her aversion to the well-maintained RL 900 had nothing to do with the machine, or her already sweet figure, or my sci-fi movies. She doesn't like BASEMENTS! There it is. That's why it has remained in good condition and slightly unloved. So, I tuned up her mountain bike and she rides it often with the kids, outside. Does anyone want a good Elliptical Machine?

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