My Games, listed in some sort of order:

HUE BALL - A colorful arcade game for iOS & Android.

A chill-yet-challenging, tap-to-shoot,
ball-popping, skull-avoiding, game.

LAVA BIRD - Made for Flappy Jam. Also FREE on iOS & Android.
You are a bird with an
unfortunate medical condition.

DISPOSABOT - My first "real" game. Sponsored by Gamezhero.
Defeat Dr. Nemesis through the
creative use of your own corpses.

STOREHENGE - Made for Ludum Dare #36, "Ancient Technology."
We hope you enjoy shopping
here at Storehenge.

MOONBASE SHOOTOUT - For Ludum Dare #33, "You Are The Monster"
You're defending the alien invasion...
What are they after?

DOOMBA - For Ludum Dare #28, "You Only Get One."
Roombas have taken over the world.
It is up to you to stop them.

VIP - For Ludum Dare #27, "10 Seconds."
You have 10 seconds to prepare
before the VIP arrives.

HAMGER GAMES - For Stencyl Game Jam #13.
30-Second Survival Strategy Game.